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Marketing Consultant & Business Coach

Wendy Maynard is a marketing consultant and business coach who serves clients from Portland to Medford...and way beyond. She lives in beautiful Ashland, Oregon but has clients throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

She co-founded and grew a multimillion-dollar marketing firm, Kinesis, based in Portland Oregon that has been awarded 5 times with the Fastest-Growing Company by the Portland Business Journal, as well as the prestigious Entrepreneur360 award by Entrepreneur Magazine

Before that there was corporate marketing, freelance business writing, an Ultimate Frisbee addiction, a Master's in Science, and the marketing degree. 

All of these experiences combine to give Wendy an unparalleled background when it comes to working with clients from a wide variety of industries to market and grow their companies. 

Wendy has worked with hospitals, doctors, dentists, website programmers, design agencies, analytics firms, accountants, plumbers, videographers, manufacturers, coaches, consultants and much more. 

Regardless of the industry, clients come to her with similar challenges:

  • How can we stop approaching marketing with ad-hoc efforts that yield mediocre and inconsistent results? 
  • How do we get consistent leads and retain our best clients?  
  • How do we even out our cash flow and increase our profits?

Through the span of her marketing career (and detailed in her soon-to-be-released book, Marketing from the Inside Out), Wendy has developed tried-and-trued processes to solve these problems. The result for her clients are thriving companies with consistent leads and cash flow alongside robust profits and client retention.  

Wendy is a top notch marketing consultant. She was quick to identify solutions to my marketing inquiries, and she made the experience pain-free! She was easy to talk to, and she asked all the right questions to understand exactly what it was I needed. I highly recommend her for all of your marketing and strategy-related needs! Bravo, Wendy, and thank you!

~ Esther Scott, Entrepreneur

Wendy was just what I needed for my business. She is an expert at what she does, is a delight to work with and is sincerely concerned for her client's interests. I recommend Wendy for any business owner who wants tested strategies that work.

~Maggie Keenan, GivingWorks

Wendy is fantastic! She's incredibly knowledgeable and committed to her clients’ success. Wendy takes ' time to get to know your business and what makes it tick. She then applies it to goal setting for success. 

~Kristi Harris, Fluence

Marketing and Business Consulting Services

Marketing and business keeps changing. And in today's marketplace, this means that to gain the competitive advantage in your industry, you must have a comprehensive, evolving marketing and growth strategies with solid execution. If you want to generate leads, retain customers, and grow your revenue, you need the right tools, the right strategy, and the right guide to help you. 

Think of Wendy as your secret weapon.

Hiring her means you have a smart, savvy marketing and business resource on your team who not only understands the latest digital trends, but also can talk with you about how your company can attract the best talent, tie your marketing efforts to your P & L statements, and create internal systems to maximize your profit. 

Wendy's number one goal is to help her clients reach success.


Wendy knows marketing and new media. She creates truly impressive work for her clients. Absolutely, with pleasure, I recommend you work with Wendy Maynard.

Scott Carter, Carterworks

Always ready with a new idea, Wendy leverages her considerable expertise to build success for the lucky folks who work with her. Her passion, dedication and joy shine through all her work. If you're building a business, be sure to learn from Wendy!

Susan Raab, Content Wheel

Thanks to Wendy's powerful marketing strategies and process, I now have the tools and a system to launch my new business and start making money. 

Sharon Marsh, Entrepreneur

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