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This mega list-building course shows you how to build your email list, attract droves of engaged fans, and increase your income like whoa!

Listivate succeeds where other list-building courses fail. This course not only shows you how to quickly grow your email list to 1,000 subscribers (and beyond), but it also teaches you what you should be sending to your list to nurture the relationships, and how to actually make consistent sales so you can grow your business to six figures and beyond!

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Plus, you will get a copy of my Ultimate Guide to Listbuilding. This incredible 24-page guide will give you accelerated strategies and steps to get you going right away!

Hey, who's creating this thing?

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Hi! I'm Wendy Maynard!

I'm a business and marketing strategist. And, I draw on my 20 years of experience as the owner of two wildly successful companies (one that’s multi seven figures and one that hit its first $10K month when it was a mere 4 months old and is on track for surpassing $100K in its first year). 

Over the past year, I've built and refined easy-to-implement, proven list-building methods that have moved my business from no list to 6-figures, and I'm sharing it with you in my newest course, Listivate. 

I grew my list to 1,500 subscribers in just 60 days (that's an average of 25 per day!), and by continuing to use my proven methods, my list is still growing like crazy.

Now I'm putting it all together and answering my most frequently asked question: "How do I build and nurture an email list so that I can have an online business that brings me the income I want?!" 

The answer is LISTIVATEYou can't miss this. 

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