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This mighty, motivating list-building course will help you
attract droves of engaged, invested fans and increase your income like whoa!


Don't you wish there was a fluff-free, fast solution for growing your list without a Bentley budget? 

Wendy Maynard Business Consultant

Well, I've got good news for you. Now, there is.

This mega course will elevate your list and activate your subscribers using my proven strategies and systems. And that's why I named it Listivate!

Listivate is an actionable program that outlines the EXACT steps that I used to build my list from <50 to over 1,500 in just 60 days (and that was just the beginning - it continues to grow like crazy!!) 

I've combined the most powerful list-building techniques with a clear plan of action that shows the secrets to nurturing your list the right way so your leads convert into sales (because what's the point of having a list if you aren't making money from it?).

Listivate gives you a fool-proof SYSTEM to build a loyal, engaged following that actually buys from you! 

When it comes to your list, size DOES matter!

Build your list quickly leveraging Facebook (without spending money on Facebook ads)

Listen, if you've been blogging or running a business for a while and you aren't bringing in the kind of revenue that you want to be bringing in, then I've got some important news for you:

The number one most important thing that you can do is to create and grow your email list.

The most profitable online entrepreneurs understand that list-building isn’t something that happens once and is done. It’s a consistent and integral part of their marketing efforts. 

In fact, they are maniacal and relentless about list building. 


Here's why... 

If your email list is too small, you constantly struggle to get new clients, book your services, and fill your programs. 

And if your list is not continuously growing and nurtured, it gets cold and people will stop buying from you. 

In contrast, when your list is large and you are systematically adding new leads to it, you make more money.

This is true whether you are a coach, consultant, copywriter, designer, VA, course creator, or any other type of online entrepreneur or service provider.

Heck, over the last 20 years, I've also worked with commercial plumbers, analytics consultants, manufacturers, hospitals, attorneys, accountants, non-profit organizations, and more.

The same principles of list building applies to all types of companies.

Your list is your MONEY MAKER

Listivate can quickly enable you to hit your first (or your next) 1,000 subscribers on your list.  

Now why does that matter?

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Well, 1000 subscribers is a magical, unicorn number when it comes to list building. This is where you can really make your income grow, and it's a real confidence booster.

Let's do some List Math. 

If you created a small online course and charged just $197 (which is a very reasonable price), and sold only 3 of those each week, you'd make more than $2,500 each month.

If you added a larger course for $497 and sold just 3 of these each week (in addition to your smaller course for $197), you could build your revenue to more than $100,000 a year.  


If you primarily sell one-on-one services that averages about $500-$1,000/month per client, you can make about $750 per 100 people on your list. This means with a list of 1,000 people, you can build your annual revenue to around $90,000. 

Now, what if you combined a service and a couple of courses?

Totally doable and the resulting income is phenomenal!

And this is with just 1,000 people on your list.

Imagine what you can do when you apply these same list-building, nurturing, and monetization strategies to get to 2,500 or 5,000 on your list!?

Yup, you are well on your way to a profitable, multiple 6-figure business.  

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Let me know, does any of this sound familiar to you?

Build your list quickly leveraging Facebook groups
  • You've put off building your list or feel stuck because you don't know what to prioritize or which activities will bring you the best results.


  • You’re frustrated because you know you need to have a larger list to make money as an online entrepreneur, but your efforts to grow it feel PAINFULLY slow.


  • You’re ambitious, but there is so much conflicting advice that you just want to know the right steps to see REAL RESULTS from your list building efforts?

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Good! You're in exactly the right place to change all that.

I created Listivate to share the EXACT principles and strategies I used to exponentially grow my list in a matter of months so that I could finally have the profitable, engaged community I've always wanted.

Wendy was just what I needed for my business. She is an expert at what she does, is a delight to work with and is sincerely concerned for her client's interests. I recommend Wendy for any business owner who wants tested strategies that work.

~Maggie Keenan, GivingWorks

Wendy is fantastic! She is incredibly knowledgeable and committed to her clients’ success. Wendy takes the time to get to know your business and what makes it tick. She then applies it to goal setting for success. 

~Kristi Harris, Fluence

How to build your email list

Listen, I've been where you are and I know how frustrating it can be. Now my list grows by hundreds every month.

When I started, I definitely was NOT a list-building superstar. In fact, last year I didn't even have a list. And when I first started to grow one, I felt completely stuck. I tried list-building strategies - tons of outdated ones I found through my searches on Google - and I felt like I was wasting my time on methods that just didn't work.

That was until I decided to experiment for myself. And quickly things changed.

Just a few months after putting efforts into my list's growth, I had my first $10,000 month. 

And, you can do it too. You just have to have a proven formula.

That's where Listivate comes in. 

This soup-to-nuts email marketing course shows entrepreneurs and business owners like you how to grow, nurture and turn your email list into a cash-generating machine! 

Just imagine, life after Listivate...

  • You see a dramatic increase in the traffic to your site. You are constantly drawing in new people who are excited about what you have to say and can't wait to get on your email list. 
  • You can get quick cash in the door whenever you want, because you have a growing  list of subscribers who are hungry to buy from you. 
  • You wake up to payment notifications (yup, you really can earn money while you sleep)!
  • You are fully booking out your programs and services with amazing clients because you know exactly what the people on your list want from you. 
  • You enjoy consistent five-figure (and even six-figure) months from your list with waiting lists of people signing up to work with you or buy your programs.
  • You are getting asked by influencers to be on their podcasts, speak at their events, and join them in joint ventures because they know you have a robust list of loyal fans.

You can do ALL of this and MORE when you learn how to build your list and leverage email marketing right!

Wendy knows marketing and new media. She creates truly impressive work for her clients. Absolutely, with pleasure, I recommend you work with Wendy Maynard.

Scott Carter, Carterworks

Always ready with a new idea, Wendy leverages her considerable expertise to build success for the lucky folks who work with her. Her passion, dedication and joy shine through all her work. If you're building a business, be sure to learn from Wendy!

Susan Raab, Content Wheel

Thanks to Wendy's powerful marketing strategies and process, I now have the tools and a system to launch my new business and start making money. 

Sharon Marsh, Entrepreneur


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