How to get tons more done (swipe my productivity hacks)

5 tools to increase your blogging and business productivity

Are you completely busy but not meeting your ambitious goals?

😵 Do you feel incredibly, ridonkulously busy but don't get much done?

😵 Do you get to the end of a week and wonder what the heck you even did for the last few days?

😵 Do you feel like you have all of these goals but you don't make much progress towards them?

If so, I totally get it.

Because until recently I was right there with you.

I got sucked down the black hole of the Internet and social media, chasing every bright shiny object know to humans.

It's easy to do when you are an online entrepreneur.

But you know what a major part of success is when it comes to growing a successful business?

Strategically planning out your activities in advance.

Then relentlessly implementing your plans.

Hmmmmm... 🤔

And when I started to become relentless about strategic planning and implementation, I was able to achieve incredible things (like growing 2 successful businesses).

As, now, as a solo entrepreneur, planning out my goals in advance allows me to accomplish MORE while spending LESS time through focusing on the things that matter (without going completely batty).

You can do the same!

Ready to become a productivity ninja?

It's time for you to become a productivity ninja!

That's why I wanted to let you know about the amazing resources I use to help me.

These are my secret weapons to planning my year for success and I am SO excited to share them with you. (And you can use these any time of year - it doesn't have to be in January. Just start wherever you are RIGHT NOW)

  • Your Best Year is a productivity workbook and online business planner by Lisa Jacobs designed to make your most ambitious goals come true. It is for entrepreneurs who are ready to stretch their comfort zone and make it happen already. I am loving it - it's a very powerful book that helps you work through ALL areas of your life.
  • Create Blog and Editorial Calendar is a planning and editorial system by Meera Kothand designed for ambitious bloggers and solopreneurs to create intentional content, grow and nurture an audience and build a business around your blog. It can be used at any time of year to hold you accountable, track your progress, and create major momentum in your blogging efforts.
  • The 12-Week Year redefines your "year" to be 12 weeks long. In 12 weeks, there just isn't enough time to get complacent, and urgency increases and intensifies. The 12 Week Year creates focus and clarity on what matters most and a sense of urgency to do it now. In the end more of the important stuff gets done and the impact on results is profound. Author Brian Moran.
  • 90X Goal Planner - whatever you want to achieve in the next 5 years depend on what you do over the next 90 days. This planner is the perfect accompaniment to the book I mentioned above. This easy-to-follow system will help you figure out your goals, set, and follow through on them. Add this productivity journal planner to your daily routine and crush your goals over the next 90 days!
  • Dotted Bullet Journal/Notebook: This is what I use to bullet journal and writing down all my To-Dos and crossing out my Ta-Dones! I also keep lists of things like (favorite books and kids' events).
  • Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set, 0.38 mm: These are the beautiful markers I use in my bullet journal. They don't bleed. They make fine lines. They have bright colors and they are pretty much perfect for bullet journaling. 
How to get tons more done (swipe my productivity hacks)

I also wrote an entire blog post to help you in your day-to-day (because I had to figure out productivity hacks for my squirrel-brained self!): Time management for the easily distracted.

Listen, if you are constantly scheduling more than you can handle. Or getting distracted by bright shiny objects (Facebook anyone?), then you are always going to feel rushed and behind.

And you aren't going to get all of the things you want to get done.

Stop multi-tasking.

Get serious about planning out the highest and best use of your time.

And get the resources I am using. They are incredible.

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