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Client Kudos

My greatest joy is watching my clients reach their goals, grow their business, and achieve their big vision. Here's what they've said:

Wendy offers true depth and compassion for business owners. Always ready with a new idea, Wendy leverages her considerable expertise to build success for the lucky folks who know her. Her passion, dedication and joy shine through all her work. If you're building a business (and you should be), be sure to learn from Wendy!

~ Susan Raab, President of Content Wheel


Wendy has been a great asset for me in starting a new career midlife. I have increased my marketing presences, stood out in my market as unique and original, and accessed the niche that has helped my career explode in just a few short years. Thanks Wendy!!

~ Tammi Brooks, Managing Broker of Inhabit Real Estate


I hired Wendy to grow my business but she did much more. Her insightful questions about my company's mission, products and services helped me better define my target customers and fine tune my business and marketing strategies. Wendy's approach is highly personalized; she takes the time to fully understand your goals and expectations. I would recommend Wendy to anyone without hesitation.

~ Chris Foley, Owner of Smart Outcome


I was facing an interesting brand identity challenge, and even though I've been involved with branding and marketing strategy for a fairly long time, I needed additional feedback and perspective on my ideas. Fortunately I discovered Wendy's work. I reached out to her and she was incredibly helpful. She shared her insight and in doing so helped me gain the perspective I needed to move forward. Thanks Wendy! 

~Reinhardt Gallowitz, Head of Marketing at Expat Explore Travel


Wendy was very committed to organizing our efforts and diligent in seeing our progress as we executed the plan. As a result of our work together, we have seen both growth in our business and an increasing market share for building our local presence in our market. I would highly recommend Wendy to work with you to build your business.

~ Ed Dean, CEO of Nishkian Dean 


Wendy is an extremely smart, detail-oriented, and strategic communicator. In short, she gets results. Anyone interested in establishing a strong company brand would be wise to hire her to improve their business success.

~ Andrea Carlos, CEO of Carlos Communications


By hiring Wendy, we got a business partner that helped us move forward and put us in a direction for success and growth. I recommend Wendy to any business looking to improve their brand identity, upgrade internal focus on values and goals, and raise the over-all sense of mission in their organization while adding to the bottom line.

~ Brian Watkins, President of Southern Oregon Credit Service


Thanks to Wendy's powerful marketing strategies and process, I now have the tools and a system to launch my new business and start making money. Wendy is an experienced "Marketing Maven" who gave my start up business personalized attention. This resulted in extreme clarity and an effective, unique and customized marketing plan.

~ Sharon Marsh, PhD, Owner of Marsh Group


Wendy was just what I needed for my business. She helped me to gain clarity on marketing methods for different target markets and had excellent ideas and approaches to use. She is an expert at what she does, is a delight to work with and is sincerely concerned for her client's interests. I recommend Wendy for any business owner who wants tested strategies that work.

~ Maggie F. Keenan, Ed.D., Founder of Giving Advice


Wendy's work as a coach for our marketing was fantastic. She is a very detail oriented person who understands business in a way that many marketing professionals do not. Her insights into our branding and project management are very savvy. 

 ~ Bill Kerrigan, 3 Mountains


Wendy is a bundle of ideas, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Her knowledge of the marketing and branding process and her ability to deliver clients laser-focused services in a fun and empowering package is what she is all about! I can't recommend her personality and her abilities enough!

~Jared Cruce, Principal of Jared Cruce Studios